Mindprints Customizer

Welcome to Creative HQ!

This is where your vision becomes reality. The Mindprints Customizer is your canvas and you are the artist. Create unique, stylish designs that reflect your personal style and make statements.

Access to the customizer: You can access the customizer via the following link: Mindprints Customizer (please be patient until the tool has loaded)

Product selection: Select the product you want to design. This could be a t-shirt, mug, hoodie or another type of item.

Add design: Upload your design or use our existing designs from the library. Make sure that your designs have a high enough resolution and quality to achieve a sharp print result. Ideally they should be in high resolution (e.g. PNG).

Positioning and Adjustment: Place your design on the selected product by dragging, rotating or resizing it. Make sure it is well positioned and looks good on the product.

Adjust colors and text: Adjust colors and text if desired. Choose appropriate colors, fonts, and font sizes to enhance the design.

Preview and Review: Use the preview feature to see what the finished product will look like. Check all items carefully to make sure everything is correct.

Save and Order: If you are happy with the design, save it and proceed to order the product. Select the desired quantity and proceed to checkout.

Payment and complete order: Complete the order by providing payment information and completing the checkout process.

Important things to pay attention to:

Image quality: Use high-resolution images for sharp printing results. At least 300 dpi for images in PNG format.

Colors: Make sure the colors in your design are set the way you want them. Take into account color variations that may occur during printing. For example, black might appear slightly lighter than it appears on the screen. This is due to the printing process of the print provider and unfortunately cannot be influenced.

Positioning: Place your design where you want on the product, making sure it looks good and is proportional.

Preview and Review: Always preview to make sure your design looks as expected before completing the order.

With these steps and tips you should be able to effectively use our Mindprints Customizer to design individual products.

Have fun being creative!