Welcome to the Mindprints Blog!

Hello you favorite person!

A warm welcome to the Mindprints Blog !

I'm absolutely thrilled that you found your way here and can't wait to take you into the wonderful world of Mindprints.

Rooted in Germany and run with a lot of love, Mindprints Design is your go-to place for unique clothing items and accessories that are made here on site using print-on-demand technology. The sustainable orientation is not only an intention, but a promise - thanks to the print-on-demand production there are no overproductions, which protects our environment from the heart.

Here at Mindprints you are the star - you choose from the lovingly designed designs that address topics such as "mental health" or the love of animals and nature. And yes, you heard right: Children's fashion will also be more and more popular, because I want to involve the whole family!

This blog will take you on a journey and keep you up to date with the latest information. I will present the latest designs and take a critical look at topics such as the taboo on "mental health". Because it is important to me not only to offer great products, but also a community that is committed to individual expression and discusses relevant topics.

Above all, look forward to regular posts in which we dive deep into the world of design. I will give you an insight into the creation of the designs.

I am incredibly grateful that you are part of the Mindprints family. Your journey to style, expression and conscious design starts here!

with heartfelt enthusiasm,


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